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Sarah Suzuki is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is trained in substance abuse counseling - specifically, Moderation Management. She draws from evidence-based practices and medical research to provide clients with unique treatment plans tailored to meet their needs. Although the 12-step model is effective for some, Sarah recognizes that drug and alcohol use is complex. Almost everyone hopes to make their lives more manageable to thrive. Some people come to counseling ready to quit drinking, smoking, or using drugs. Others would like to prevent relapse.

Sarah's expertise is in working with individuals who use drugs and alcohol to avoid certain feelings. Although a small percentage of people are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, the majority of "problem users" turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of fulfilling an unmet need.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Sarah to schedule a free consultation. You will be provided with a full menu of treatment options, including in-person, telephone, Skype, and e-mail support.
SocialWorkToday.com Featured Article: Motivational Interviewing and Addictions: Collaboration, Not Confrontation
This month's featured article in Social Work Today: "Practicing MI is essential to getting to a point where MI comes naturally when interacting with clients, Suzuki says. She likens the process to learning how to play the piano. Listening to music and reading books about the piano are only going to get you so far; it takes practice to truly become prepared to perform."

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